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If you are a blogger or marketer and want to visit North East India for watching wonderful nature and wild lives then the best season to visit North East India November to January if you wish to witness nature at its best, you can visit during the monsoon. Though, in general, November to May are the best months to visit North East India as the weather is quite pleasant during this time. This winter, an offer has come from Guwahati based travel agency named as Leisure Travels & Hospitality Pvt.Ltd  as they offer 50% discount almost all tour packages for bloggers and marketers from around the globes.

Here, it is trying to disclose the most famous 25 spots have to check during your North East India tour.

1. Kaziranga National Park

One-horned rhinoceros at Kaziranga National Park, Assam
Declared a UNESCO Heritage Site, the National Park is home to the one horned rhinos which attract tourists from all over the world. Spotting a one-horned rhinoceros in its stomping yard is an experience that you can live to tell your grandchildren. It will be unlike any lore ever told.
Famous for: The one horned rhinoceros. No. of species: 35 species of mammals and hundreds of migratory birds species that fly down every season.

2. Tawang Monastery

Tawang Monastery
Situated at a height of 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh, the Tawang Monastery gives a breathtaking view of the valley. Home to 450 monks, this is the perfect place to visit for a surreal experience. You can also sit and just admire the captivating view of the Tawand River in the evening.
Best time to Visit: It is best to visit this valley from April to October. How to reach: You can reach Tawang by trains, buses, helicopters, flights and road. But if you want to enjoy some exquisite views during the course of your journey it is best to travel via a flight to Tezpur and then take a bus from there to Tawang. You can more details on the Tawang official website. Famous for: It is famous for its celestial beauty in the night, and you should plan to visit it on the night of a full moon. It has around 850 sculptures to admire.

3. Ziro Valley

Night rock concert at Ziro Valley Arunachal Pradesh
The Ziro Valley is one of the best places to see in North East as it presents you with some memorable views that are going to be etched in your memory forever. Though, the valley is most famous for its three day and night rock concert, which is held annually towards the end of September. Being a part of the event will give you an experience of your lifetime.
Best time to visit: During the music festival in September. How to reach: You can reach the valley by air, train, and even by road. While the nearest airport from Ziro is in Jorhat, Assam, which is 98 km from the valley, the railway station is in Naharalagun, which is 100 kms away.

4. Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass
The name of the pass translates to “listening ears”. The trek on the Nathu La pass is one of the major highlights of the North East tourism as it gives an invigorating feeling to every traveler who experiences it. During the trek, you are treated to the views that remain ingrained in your memory for a lifetime, and you get to spot some beautiful lakes on the way.
Best time to visit: You should plan your visit during the summers, when the temperatures are at a bearable 15 degrees. In the winters, it falls down to -25 degrees. Important consideration: Do not rush into anything. The cold temperature and low oxygen level makes for a hostile environment. Move gradually and take baby steps if required.

5. Siang River for River Rafting

River rafting in the Siang River in Arunachal Pradesh
A tributary of the Brahmaputra River, it has inherited its ferocity from its mother as well. It serves as a home to the Adi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. River rafting in the Siang River is a major attraction. It is certainly one adventure that you should undertake with your friends. The thrill of the Grade III and Grade IV rivers make it worth it.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit is during late October and early November when the tides are not too violent.

6. Gorichen Peak

Beautiful scenes of the climbable Gorichen Peak, Tawang Arunachal Pradesh
The Gorichen Peak is located at 6,500 meters above sea level, and is one of the top places to visit in North East India in February. It is still considered to be one of the more climbable peaks for a thrilling experience. The beauty of the scenes and the ecstasy you feel when you’ve scaled this huge mountain is absolutely worth imagining until you actually climb it.
Best time to climb: Summers is the best time to undertake this trek. Where to stay: It is nearest to Tawang, and the guest houses there are quite decent. During the trek to the summit, you’ll have to set up camp. Activities: You can undertake various activities like camping, trekking and even rock climbing. The trek to the summit is best undertaken by seasoned climbers.

7. Nuranang Falls

Romantical scenatic view at the Nuranang Water Falls in Tawang
Also known as the Bong Bong falls, these are 100 meters in height. The serenity of the this place is best enjoyed with someone by your side. So, if you’re planning a romantic trip to the North East, make sure you add this place to your itinerary. The falls are renowned for giving a feeling of serendipity to any couple that heads there.
Activities You Can Undertake Here: Head to the foot of the falls to enjoy it best. Check out the lake and the connect bridge when you’re there.

8. Cherrapunji

cherrapunji meghalaya waterfall
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The wettest place in the world finds its home in Meghalaya. While Cherrapunji is famous for its living root bridges, formed due to incessant rain, it is also popular for being one of the best Northeast India destinations for a holiday. You can also set up a camp underneath these bridges and live close to nature like never before!
Famous for: Maximum rainfall in the world. Activities: You can enjoy the tropical flora and fauna, while camping under or climbing the root bridges.

9. Jaintia Hills

Caves at Jaintia Hills, located in the heart of Meghalaya
Located in the heart of Meghalaya, the Jaintia hills are stuffed with limestone deposits. The hills have a number of caves for the explorer in you to enjoy and soothe your mind. Spelunking in these caves can lead you to a number of shallow and some long caves, making it an adventurous attraction in the region. Though, it’s best to have company during this adventure for a memorable experience.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit these hills is during summer, between the months of March to June. Activities: Spelunking and exploring the long caves.

10. Madhuri Lake

An amazing views of Madhuri Lake in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
Named after the famous Indian actress, Madhuri Dixit, the lake is one of the best places to see in the North East. Though, it was erstwhile known as Shungaster Lake. A little army cafeteria near the lake serves up some delicious momos, which you can enjoy while soaking the peace around. And believe us, with the calming view of the lake providing respite, the momos will taste a tad better.
Best time to visit: The best months to visit the lake are from April to October. Activities: Try the momos at the famous army cafeteria, and witness the mesmerizing views of the lake.

11. Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu peaks, highest peak of the Darjeeling at West Bengal-Sikkim border
The highest peak of the Sikkim-West Bengal border, Sandakphu peaks at over 11,000 above the sea level. The feeling of reaching the summit is nothing less than an accomplishment. The trek is surely a boost to the confidence as the Khangchendzonga watches over from the distance, and offers you joy in abundance. Make sure you have a walking stick along if you’re an amateur trekker.
Best time to visit: The place is open for tourists year round, but the best time to visit is during springs (April – May). You can also try going there in November, when the weather is pleasant. Famous for: The unmatched view of all the peaks in the Himalayan range.

12. Phodong Monastery

Serenity and Peace at the Phodong Monastery, Sikkim
The Phogong Monastery dates back to the 18th century, and is one of the most religious places for the Kagyu sect of Buddhists, and even for tourists. There are indications that the structure dates back even more than the 18th century, with the secluded location making it even more wonderful for an enriching experience.
Famous For: Reconstruction and apparent existence of an older monastery. You can also find some ancient murals at the place.

13. Ravangla

Solace at Ravangla for peace and snow clad peaks
A tourist attraction in the southern part of Sikkim, this little town is a recluse for anyone who is looking for one. It lets you stand alone in a crowd, surrounded by the serenity of the flowers in the summer and the snow-clad peaks in the winters. The birdwatchers have a merry time with the Himalayan migratory birds.
Best Time to Visit: The place is at its best during April to June and September to January. Famous For: Bird watching at the Ralang Monastery which just 6km from the place. It is also famous for the view of all the majestic peaks during sun rise. It also has hot springs which are worth a visit.

14. Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reserves in Mizoram for Sparse Tiger species
Spread over an immense 550 square kilometres, the Dampa Tiger Reserves have some beautiful tigers that you can catch sight, and capture pictures of. There is no doubt that the sight of a tiger is an experience in itself to cherish for lifelong. The royal look of a tiger, and their menacing yet elegant ways are best experienced in person, and that is why visiting this place is a must.
Total no. Of species: 10 species of animals and a variety of birds. Famous For: Sparse Tiger species which are hard to spot.

15. Dzongri

Famous Yak safari in Thangu and Dzongri around the Tsomogo Lake
A safari on an animal as huge and peaceful as the yak holds something magical in itself. The surrounding views while riding the majestic creature form a feeling of unity that you can seldom experience anywhere else, which is why this is one of the best things to do in North East. You can also get pictures captured to take back home as sweet memories.
Best Locations which offer Yak Safari: The areas of Thangu and Dzongri are especially famous for their yak safari. You can also find some yak safari around the Tsomogo Lake.

16. Talatal Ghar

Talatal Ghar- a historical place in Sivasagar Assam
Literally translated to the “royal palace,” the Talatal Ghar was built by Swargadeo Singha in the 18th century. The 7 storied palace is not your usual palace, which serves up a heavy dose of grandeur. Its modesty and unusual architecture are a delight to witness as it offers a truly enriching experience. So, if you’re a history buff, make sure you visit this place on your next trip.
Best time to visit: The most appropriate time to plan your visit to this place is between 8 AM to 4 PM.

17. Bihu Festival

Bihu festival celebration in Assam
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Held in the scenic state of Assam, the Bihu festival is an amalgamation of three festivals spread throughout the year. The whole area is filled with enthusiasm and colour, which will make you feel like you have come to associate with the region. Attending this extravaganza is indeed an experience worth having during your trip to the North East.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit and witness these festivals is during mid January, April, and October.

18. Majuli Islands

An otherworldly experience of Majuli Islands Assam
The river island is situated in the mighty Brahmaputra, and is one amazing place to see in the North East. It is a cultural hub of the region, with a number of tribes calling it their home. The size of the island was originally 1200 sq. km, but it has now come down to just 420 sq. km. due to the erosion from the Brahmaputra. Nevertheless, it’s an astonishing place to witness on your trip.
Best time to Visit: It can be visited anytime during the year, but November is the time when people look forward to paying a visit to these islands. Famous For: Navigation through the fields on a canoe. A variety of birds. An otherworldly experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Any concerns? The islands of Majuli are being eroded by the Brahmaputra every year. They might last only a couple of years more. Visit them while they are still on the map!

19. Shri Govindajee Temple

Shri Govindajee temple of Lord krishna at Manipur
A shrine to Lord Krishna, it is believed that the temple absolves you of your guilt, worries, and stress. The simple architecture makes it stand apart from any other temple in the region, making it amongst the top places to see in North East India. The temple stands in the capital city of Manipur, and is quite accessible for the tourists.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit the temple is during the morning to avoid all the crowd.

20. Shilloi Lake

Scenatic view of Shilloi Lake from glorious mountain peaks, Nagaland
The Shilloi Lake is one of the major highlights of the state of Nagaland.  It is situated in the town of Phek, and is looked over by some of the most glorious mountain peaks. The lake also has an interesting story and customs associated with it, and the surroundings are just as interesting, which makes it a great place to visit for a surreal holiday experience. For northeast India tourism, best time to visit is after the monsoons.
Famous For: Picturesque view and the weirdly horrifying story behind the lake. Best Time to Visit: Summer

21. Dawki

Crystal clear water of Dawki river
If you do not know about the transparent Dawki river in Meghalaya, chances are you have been living under a rock. Dawki is a town in the West Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya popularly known for the beauteous lake. Umngot River in Dawki is one of the cleanest rivers in the world that you can clearly see the bottom. Taking a boat ride one the Umngot River is one of the things you must do in Dawki. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in east India.
Famous for: Umngot River and Dawki Bridge Best time: Winter
The North East is a land like no other. With ample views to take from the visit, it serves up a mesmerizing view at every corner that you turn. It is a land of the holy, the mighty, and the believers. When are you planning a trip to the North East then surely contact once the Leisure Travels, cheapest travel partner from North East India

An Interview on Starting a Travel Business by CEO of the Leisure Travels

Travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries in India and very significant employment generators. According to the UN’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the travel and tourism industry provides 9-11 percent of the world’s total jobs directly and much more indirectly through the multiplier effect. The travel and tourism industry in India is ranked 7th among 184 countries in terms of GDP contribution and the tourism industry in India is set to grow at 9.8% per year during 2015-2025. The travel and tourism market in India estimated at USD 217.7 billion in 2017 is estimated to boom to USD 718.9 billion by the year 2022 and so there is plenty of opportunity for new entrepreneurs starting in the travel and tourism industry as travel agents. In this article, we look at the rules, regulations and taxation issues for starting a travel agency business in India.

We have interviewed several founders of successful travel agencies who can give you the advice you need to get started, and I’ve also included plenty of links and resources to help you work through the process of starting your own travel business. In this series, we have approached Guwahati based Leisure Travels & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd's founder CEO Rafiq Ul Islam to know about how to start travel business in India. A summary excerpt is given here for our readers. 

SGRC: How to Plan a travel agency?

Leisure Travels: 

Make no mistake: No matter what industry you’re in, a business plan is essential. What kind of travel business do you plan on starting? If you’re interested in being a home-based travel agent, you’ll want to look into finding a host travel agency, where you’ll essentially be an independent contractor. If this is the type of travel business you’d like to start, the business planning process should be fairly straightforward.
However, if you’re looking into starting your own business from the ground up, you’ll be looking at a much more lengthy planning process—but you’ll also have more flexibility to build a business that’s all your own.

SGRC: Why do Conduct market research to find a niche?

Leisure Travels:
What kind of travel agency do you plan on starting? Moreover, what kind of travel agency does the industry or your local community actually need?
This means doing some market research to find out what kind of travel agency the market really needs. Is there a niche you can fill? Maybe there’s an opening in the travel market to provide destination adventure honeymoons for young couples who would rather go backpacking than relax on the beach. Think about the people in your local community too—do they need something specific?

SGRC: Why does it need to a Brand for travel agency?

Leisure Travels:

Once you’ve determined what the market looks like and what specific niche you’ll be filling, it’s important to get down to the nitty-gritty of creating a strong brand image. As the travel industry is so competitive, having a well-developed brand will help your business stand out. 

SGRC: Why does it need legal documents?

Leisure Travels:

A travel business is, for the most part, a fairly simple one to set up. Unlike starting a brewery or starting a dispensary, there isn’t a lot of legal red tape when it comes to starting a travel business. Though registration as a Government of India approved Travel Agent is not mandatory, it is beneficial and provides recognition for the travel agent. The aim and objective of the scheme for recognition of Travel Agent / Agency (TA) is to encourage quality standard and service in this tourism industry. For becoming a Government of India recognized travel agent, the travel agent must satisfy certain requirement on capital invested, a number of staff employed, maintenance of minimum office space and other stipulations. Further, the application must be made to the Ministry of tourism in the required format to become a Government of India approved Travel Agent.

SGRC: Why it needs to Determine funding strategy?

Leisure Travels:

Luckily, your starting costs should be fairly low: You won’t have expensive equipment to buy, and you probably won’t need extensive space in the beginning but when you want a large scale project then it needs huge fund to complete. Hence, find an investor(s) or find near and dears to invest in your project with clear agreements papers. 

SGRC: How to Choose a location and hire employees?

Leisure Travels:

Next, you’ll want to make a plan for the logistics of opening your travel agency to the public. How many employees will you need to hire? You may not need any to start until you decide to expand your operations. However, be sure to have a plan in place for how you will obtain funding. You’ll need funds for marketing materials at the very least; both online, such as your business website, and offline, such as flyers, posters, business cards, and more. Your initial funding budget will also likely go toward any branding or advertising, and you may also decide to rent office space and hire employees, which is a fairly large expense. Additionally, you’ll want to determine where to set up your business location. While foot traffic will likely not be a primary motivator in choosing a business location, you’ll want to pick somewhere that accommodates your space needs as well as reflects your desired brand image.

SGRC: How to Market and launch the travel agency?

Leisure Travels:
Marketing will likely be where the majority of your initial funding budget goes, as it’s an important area to focus on when starting a travel business. In fact, it’s a good idea to come up with a marketing plan for your travel agency as soon as possible. However, advertising is the main thing to do well market where Web media, Print media, Electronic visual media are playing vital roles in the market. Especially, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram etc ) and web media are carrying the major markets. 

Leisure Travels CEO Rofiq Ul Islam has direct advice for newbies: 

  • “We searched for quite some time to find an underwriter that would provide us with general liability insurance, due to the number of risks involved in adventure travel…This is a tricky product when it comes to insurance, but it’s obviously a very important piece of the pie.” 
  • “From the beginning, I have built up relationships with various individuals in Italy to help recruit staff for the villas used during our vacations. This varies from local cooks to tour guides to drivers. The little touches along the way, from booking flights for guests to getting the transport back to the airport, all adds up as every little bit helps to create the perfect experience for my guests.” 
  • “It’s important that your business partners share your values. I work with people in South America who are now my friends. We’re not in it for the money; we enjoy our jobs and if we can ‘eke’ out a living, all the better.” 

Log cabin business and the Eurodita's offers

The log cabin is a dwelling constructed of logs, especially a less finished or architecturally sophisticated structure. Log cabins have an ancient history in Europe, and in America are often associated with first generation home building by settlers. Since you’re investing your life savings into this decision, it’s wise to understand how the industry operates. That’s why we created The Perfect Path To Your Dream Home, to provide consumers with a map of the buying and building process.

Log and timber homes have come along way from their pioneer beginnings. Today’s homes are crafted with precision, using modern milling methods. Manufacturers sell their homes in a variety of ways. This can include:

• In-house representatives directly employed by a log and timber home manufacturer
• Builder/dealers who are self-employed independent sales agents
• Builders or contractors who are independent sales agents but also build homes

In-house Representatives
Typically these individuals work from a log and timber home company’s office. They have a broad knowledge of design, engineering, construction, costs and building conditions over a wide area. They most likely live in a log and timber home, so they understand your motivation for wanting a log and timber home of your own. They also have easy access to design and estimating services. They are usually available during the day, Monday through Friday. 

These are an independent authorized agent for a log and timber home company and this may be their full-time gig or a part-time passion. Many builder/dealers go into the business because they built their own home and they liked the process so much, they help others realize their dream of log and timber home ownership. The advantage of working with someone local is that they will have detailed knowledge of building conditions and costs in your local market. Builder/dealers can work from a home office, a model home or a retail location. They communicate your needs to the log and timber home manufacturer through emails, websites, phone and fax.

Log Home Builder or Contractor
These self-employed individuals often have the greatest knowledge of log and timber home construction because it’s what they do on a daily basis. They are problem solvers. Often in the field, builders also work from a retail location or a home office. Your best bet for reaching these individuals is by cell phone. But you can also reach a builder through fax, phone, mail and computer communications. Sometimes they are less available during the day because of they are working at construction sites.

What Are My Choices in Logs or Timbers?
To start, there are more than 17 common tree species used in the log and timber home industry, each with its own unique properties—grain pattern, color, size (diameter and length), thermal performance and resistance to decay. Plus, logs can be fashioned into a host of different corner styles and profiles, using different fastening and sealant systems. Vying for your business are more than 400 companies in the United States and Canada. These companies range from small mom-and-pop shops to large-scale, multi-state operations. Obviously, with so many candidates, you’ll have to narrow the field.

Discover What Styles Delight You 
Since many companies specialize in one particular style, the process of elimination should start with what you find attractive. Here’s how to tell the styles apart:

• Manufactured or milled: This is how the vast majority of log and timber homes are constructed today, accounting for a full 90% of the market. Logs are milled to a specific profile (D-log, round log, etc.) and precut to fit a particular home design. Identify these by the uniform diameters on the corner profiles.
• Handcrafted: These custom homes account for 10% of all log and timber homes constructed annually. Detect these by noticing larger logs with varying diameters at corners or a hand-hewn appearance. 
• Half-log: This log siding is applied over conventional 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 framing. To maintain the illusion of full log, the corners sections can be the full log. Log siding is often used for second story applications or for garages or outbuildings.
• Timber Frame: Also known as post and beam, this style includes large horizontal or vertical beams on the interior. Beams can either be handcrafted or milled.

There’s A System To This Form of Construction
Today’s modern log and timber homes involve a “building system,” combining engineering principles with specific crafting, sealing and fastening techniques for a specific tree species. As you shop companies, ask if their building system is recognized by your local building code. Will an engineer’s stamp be required for approval by the local building department and if so, at what cost?

Construction Service
A few companies offer “shell construction,” where a producer’s own crews will dry-in the structure, which means make the shell weather tight. Still others companies may offer full “turnkey” construction. But the majority of members of the Log and Timber Homes Council leave it to independent builders or contractors to complete the home on your land.

Do They Belong to the Log and Timber Homes Council?
If you are looking for peace of mind during this process, look no further than the Log and Timber Homes Council (LHC) of the National Association of Home Builders, which sponsors this website. The LHC requires all member companies adhere to a strict code of ethics, grade logs using a third party service, furnish builders with a construction manual and contribute to scientific research to advance log building technologies. 

What’s In The “Package?”
Your dream home will begin as a “log and timber home package.” This is the two or three truckloads of logs and other components that will create your home, which is delivered to your building site. However, not all packages are created equal. That’s why you should only entrust the members of the LHC with your dream home. These reputable companies list all the materials they provide, including interior walls, floors, cabinets, hardware, windows, doors and more.

Flexible Packaging 
Want to buy some materials locally? It’s not a problem. Members of the LHC offer several different options on the completeness of packages, to serve your individual needs.

Eurodita offers all time lowest costs in this industry. For more visit:

Rural India and Business Success Stories for Women

Rural India is known for its rustic beauty and for the cultural life that amazes not just the subcontinent but the entire world. But there’s another side to it-filled with stories of oppression and neglect faced by women. So, when unknown women from villages of India do something that empowers the society in which they live, it is not just a piece of information worth spreading; it’s a happening that needs to be celebrated.

Here are 7 stories of rural Indian women achieving the impossible.

1. The rural women of Sathyamangalam

Film making in progress| Source:
The women of this land in Tamil Nadu have been victims of neglect for ages. Now, in the age of mass media and connected technology, they have found a new weapon to fight the oppression-the video camera.
Female volunteers who took part in a film-making workshop conducted by ‘Signs’ and ‘Aide et Action International’ are using the visual platform to tell their stories-real tales of oppression that are plainly told and are hard to neglect. This is a movement the rural women of Satyamangalam participate in with their heart.

2. Agricultural labourer in India turned CEO in USA

Jyothi Reddy| Source:
The success story of Mrs. D Jyothi Reddy from Warangal in Hyderabad has a narrative arc that pushes the limit of unbelievable. A rural agricultural labourer whose pay was Rs..5 per day till 1989, she is now the CEO of Keys software solutions in USA, creating revenues in the millions. Not forgetting where she came from, she is actively involved in philanthropic endeavours, serving rural India.

3. Women of Barsana

Holi in Barsana | Source:
Barsana is near Mathura, one of the sacred places in Hinduism. But the women of Barsana faced a problem that is less than sacred-alcohol. Men who indulged themselves in drinking spirits spoiled the fun of Holi, one of the most popular Hindu festivals. So, what did the women do? They devised their own version of celebrating the festival called ‘Lathmar Holi.’ The highlight is that men get thrashed by women with lathis and these men have to dance in public, dressed as a woman. Drinks, anyone?

4. Nauroti Devi, the Sarpanch of Hardama, Rajastan

Narauti Devi | Source: thehindu.con
For long a fighter for justice Nauroti who was born in a poor Dalit family in Rajasthan’s Kishangarh district is now the sarpanch of Hardma village, a land that has bred freedom fighters during India’s struggle for Independence. Starting with the fight for proper wages when she was working as a stone cutter, her ascend to become a living symbol of women’s power is nothing short of astounding.

5. The women behind Lijjat Papad

The women behind Lijjat Papd | Source:
Lijjat is a highly popular pappad brand in India. While many may remember the buck toothed bunny that appeared in their TV commercials, many may not be aware of the fact that it’s the power of rural women and their self-employment initiative, ‘Shri Mahila Griha Udyog’ which made the brand possible. Started with a loan of just Rs. 80, today the co-operative has annual sales of more than Rs.3.1 billion.

6. Padma Shri awardee, Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana Saroj receiving the Padma Shree | Source:
A Dalit by birth, she attempted suicide at a tender age. She was married by her parents when she was just 12.Physically abused by her husband’s family, she was rescued from the slums where she stayed with her husband by her father. Starting out working in a garment factory , she later started a tailoring business and then a furniture store, eventually joining the league of successful Indian women entrepreneurs. The nation honoured this amazing woman who was born in Roperkheda village of Maharashtra with the Padma Shri.

7. Dalimi Patgiri, Assam
Arecanut sheets | Source:
Dalmi Patgiri’s story is indicative of what’s happening across the length and breadth of rural India-underprivileged women finding their footing and firmly moving on to create success for themselves and inspire others like them. This once-poor housewife from interior Assam has broke through from the shackles of poverty by making utensils that use arecanut sheets for raw materials.

The stories are real, the success even more so. But what makes these women important, perhaps more than the success, is the flame of inspiration that they can ignite in many a rustic heart.

Secret Mantras To Get Perfect SEO For Successful Business

Not so long ago, SEO was just a cool buzzword used by people in-the-know. If you could figure out a neat little SEO trick, you’d be able to push yourself ahead of the competition and grow your business at an exponential pace.

But now, everybody and their dog seems to be doing SEO. Is it even worth it? With so much competition, can you still get an edge?

What is SEO?

Before we can answer this question, we need to understand what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Every day people use Google to find information. Most of the time, they click on one of the first three results that come up.

How does Google know which sites should be ranked first? They have an algorithm that attempts to understand what the websites are about, and how popular they are. SEO is essentially optimizing your website so that Google can understand it, with the goal of promoting your business to show up when consumers search for the products or services that you offer.

What Factors Determine Your Rankings?

While there are hundreds of different factors that can affect your rankings, the two most important ones are content and links.

Your content needs to be phrased correctly so that you rank for the correct search terms. For example, let’s say that you own an Italian restaurant. You have the best spaghetti in the whole city, but only your existing clients know about it. If your page is called “Leo’s Italian Food: The Best Pasta in The City,” you might think that it’s clear you have spaghetti. However, Google is not that smart. Unless you actually use the word “spaghetti” on your website, Google has no idea that you serve it. A good SEO agency will take the time to find out what users are searching for on Google, and make sure that your website is phrased appropriately.

Content tells Google what your website is about. But we still need to show them that your site is popular. Remember, Google wants to put the best website first. How do they know which one is the best? By the number of pages, that link to your site! Let’s say that your spaghetti restraint is really taking off. Food bloggers are posting a review of your delicious meals, and including a link back to your restaurant’s website. Local tourism agencies are posting a link. Maybe even the local newspaper puts a story about your business online. Google thinks “hey, this restaurant is getting a lot of attention. We better make sure people can find them when they search for a good spaghetti restaurant online”.

An SEO agency will make sure that your website is listed online everywhere they can. They’ll reach out to blogs and see if they are interested in writing a feature about your business. They’ll get you listed in local restaurant directories. There are hundreds of different ways to build links, and these strategies will change for each different client.

Do I Really Need to do SEO?

Many businesses might be doing fairly well without any SEO work. They might think “Hey, this is working for me. SEO must be an unnecessary marketing expense.” The simple fact is that functioning businesses are the perfect candidate for SEO. You already know that your pricing works, and you know that customers like your product. SEO is only effective if you already have a functioning business.

“You can get more traffic, more phone calls from potential clients, more sales... whatever you’re trying to do, digital marketing can help you do more of it. But digital marketing isn’t what’s making you money. You need to have a profitable foundation with a quality product or service to build off of - once that is in place, more eyeballs on your brand through digital marketing efforts means an uptick in revenue and brand recognition for you.” according to MezzoLogic.

SEO plays such a major role in a businesses online success, and not just in terms of producing high rankings in the search results. Many companies are using search engine optimization to help with their branding as well. Here are six reasons why your business needs SEO:

1. Delivers High ROI

There is no other form of online marketing that can deliver a return quite like SEO. So many people don’t have success with search engine optimization because they sign up with an inexperienced company or one that is simply outsourcing the work overseas and has absolutely no idea what a successful SEO campaign consists of. We just discussed the dangers of outsourced SEO, and so many businesses get burned by these low quality companies that simply don’t have the knowledge to deliver results. When done correctly SEO can deliver nonstop organic traffic that would cost a tremendous amount of money if it was being paid for through a paid search campaign.

2. SEO Works

SEO is not dead and it continues to work. When done correctly it can deliver endless and consistent traffic to your website. Sure, there are Google updates and algorithm changes that are constantly being rolled out to combat the spam, but if you are working with an experienced and knowledgeable SEO provider you will not have to worry about these issues. So many companies fall for services that promise the world for a few hundred dollars and this just isn’t realistic. You have to be willing to invest in a service that does it right.

3. SEO Will Not Disappear

SEO will never go away. It continues to evolve over time and the companies that understand it are constantly adapting with it and not skipping a beat. Over the past few years the mass link building spam has been penalized and now the focus revolves around creating content and earning links for high quality and relevant websites. The concept of SEO will never change, but the techniques to maintain rankings will always change. SEO will be around as long as the Internet is, so it is a good idea to get involved now instead of sitting on the sidelines.

4. The Competition Does It

Many businesses are under the assumption that SEO only needs to be done until top rankings are achieved, but that is not accurate at all. When your website reaches the top spots it will require even more work to maintain and continue to improve the rankings. Your competition is going after those top positions, so you need to either compete to beat them to it, or sit back and let them take the majority share of traffic for your industry. Are you going to sit back and just hand them business? Simply ignoring SEO is just giving your competition business without a fight.

5. Your Customers Are Mobile

Mobile traffic continues to increase at a rapid rate and it is now outpacing traffic from desktop computers. If you want to see some crazy and eye opening stats about mobile traffic then check out this infographic. SEO allows your business to be found by consumers that are actively seeking for the service and products your business sells. Local search engine optimization can help your business be found by individuals that can turn into store visits, phone calls, or even instant online purchases. Mobile search is the future, so you need to make sure your business is ready for it.

6. Everyone Looks For Businesses Online

With a SEO strategy in place you can increase the odds of your potential customer base locating your website and engaging with your company. Think about how convenient the Internet is for a consumer. They can search for a business, review products, review the business, and even make purchases. This can be done from the comfort of their home on a desktop, or while on the go from a tablet or mobile device. If you want to be found online then you need SEO.

Final Thoughts: 

But the problem is that SEO is no longer a marketing technique used by a few savvy companies. SEO is now the industry standard for any business with an online presence. Ignoring SEO means that you’re falling behind. If you don’t focus on promoting your business online, it won’t be long before one of your competitors pushes you out of the way. There is no denying you need a SEO strategy in place to attract organic traffic to your website. It provides a tremendous ROI when done correctly, and is a great long term strategy. Contact us if you want to learn more about how SEO can benefit your business.

Secret Mantras To Get Success in Make Money Online

Focus on providing value and helping people. Honestly, I think that's the biggest one and the one a lot of people don't focus on. Too many people look at online marketing as a way to take from people when this is not the case. You're not online just seeking to take money from people, but you are trying to help them to fix their problems.

Secret Mantras To Get Success in Make Money Online 

The more you can help them with their problems by providing a solution the more money you'll make online. Learn how to think about other people first and you'll watch your life and your business go to the next level.

Hey guys, I just wrote a new post so I figured I should share it with you too. It's about Secret Mantras To Get Success in Make Money Online that I have for building a real online business. Here they are:
1. Focus on building a community.
A community of people who know like and trust you can make you money for a lifetime if you treat them right.
2. Focus on providing value and helping people.
Give and you shall receive - they say. And it's true - the more you give, the more people will follow you and trust your recommendations because they know you act in their best interest.
3. Focus on building your brand.
A brand is an asset. Once people associate your name with high quality this increases the value of everything you create. People are more inclined to check out what you have just because it comes from you. Also if you decide so in the future you can sell your business as a brand.
4. Focus on selling high-quality programs.
This is how you provide even more value to your community. You shouldn't be ashamed to sell. Because there are programs and products out there that can change a person's life! And it's in their best interest to get these products in their hand. You're helping them by providing them with quality products. The keyword is quality. You should never promote crap products because that will only hurt your reputation and people will lose trust in you.
5. Reinvest your profits into growing your community.
This is how you scale a small business into a big business. Reinvesting your profits is key to your success. Your community is your #1 asset. The bigger your community, the more authority you will have in the marketplace. And the more money you will make because you will have a bigger influence and more people ready to buy.
6. Focus on building a high converting sales-funnel.
This is how you make more money with the same amount of traffic. A high converting sales-funnel will allow you to make a lot of money with a small community and ultimately allowing you to grow that community by reinvesting your profits back into your business.
7. There's only 2 things you should work on in your business: TRAFFIC. And CONVERSIONS. 
So focus on those 2 things.
Every minute you spend working on your business ask yourself this:
Is what I'm doing now going to increase my traffic and influence? Is it going to make me more sales? Is it going to provide some kind of value to my community?
If the answer is no, it means you're doing the wrong thing! Stop immediately what you're doing and focus back on the activities that will make you money. For example: creating videos, writing a promo email to your list, finishing your product and generally just selling more.
These are some of my rules for success now. Thanks for reading. I hope you got some value out of it.

Why Most Beginner Businesses or Startups Fail?

A startup can be defined as a new company. A startup is usually small and initially funded and operated by its founders or an individual. Startup companies offer products or services that others do not offer, or that their founders believe are offered in an inferior manner.

In the early stages, startup company expenditures tend to exceed revenue because they work to develop, test, and market their ideas. That way, they are in dire need of funding. Startups can be funded by traditional small business loans from banks or credit units, government-sponsored loans, or funds from non-profit organizations, and the central government. Friends and family can also provide loans.

A startup is believed to change the face of business and technology today. Although there are several stories about startup success that is interesting and inspiring, countless startups are free-falling and out of business.

Why does startup fail? Actually, there are many factors that cause this. Entrepreneurs are ordinary people who try to start a business and have an impact on the technology industry. Ideas that look promising today may no longer be profitable when presented to the public.

A total of 9 out of 10 startups failed. This is not an easy fact to accept, but it's something you need to pay attention to. Even entrepreneurs need to plan their failures before starting a business. Why is that? Because entrepreneurs are very optimistic need to see the reality that happened both now and later. This statistic is not intended to frighten you, but to encourage you to work smarter and harder. Please also read our information about the importance of startup.

Startup Failure Due to Market Issues

One big reason why startup companies fail is that they have a small market or no market at all for the products they build. Here are some common symptoms:

There is no good value proposition or good event, which can make buyers commit to purchase. To get orders in the current state, you must find a buyer who has an interest or is in desperate need of the product you offer.
The wrong marketing time. You could be at the forefront of the past few years but consumers are not ready for the specific solutions you offer at this stage.
The market size of people who have a need for a product and have money is not big enough.
Business Model Failure

One of the most common causes of startup failures is that entrepreneurs are too optimistic about how easy it is to get customers. They assume because they will build an interesting website, product, or service, then customers will come in droves. That may happen to some first customers, but after that, it becomes a tough task to attract and win customers. And in many cases, the price to get customers is actually higher than the value of the customer itself.

The Essence Of The Business Model

A simple way to focus on the problem in your business model is to look at these two questions:

Can you find a measurable way to get customers?
Then can you monetize those customers at a higher rate than the acquisition price?
The Unsolved Management Team

A common problem that causes startup to fail is a weak management team. A good management team will be smart enough to avoid the above reasons. Weak management teams make mistakes in many areas:

They are often weak on strategy, building products that no buyers have because they fail to work to validate ideas before and during the development process.
They are usually not good at the execution stage, which can trigger problems with products that are not built well or on time, and lead to the poor market execution of their implementation.
They will build a weak team under them. There is a saying: A player employs A worker, and player B can only hire player C because player B does not want to work for other B players. So the company will end up with a weak and bad execution.
Lack of funds

The next major reason that startup firms fail is that they run out of money. The CEO's key job is to understand how much money is left for either the company's operations for financial success or for a positive money flow.

A common mistake and trigger the company to run out of money is that management fails to enter the next stage of development before the money runs out. Although it is still possible to repeatedly earn money, its valuation will be lower.

Inappropriate Pedal Acceleration

One of the CEO's most important tasks is knowing how to set accelerator pedals. In the early stages of business, when products are still being developed and business models are refined, the pedals need to be set very light to make money. There is no need to hire many marketing and sales staff if the company is still in product completion position to the point where the product really meets the market needs. It's a very common mistake, and it will only generate frustration.

But on the other hand, there is a time where it finally becomes clear that the business model has been proven, and the accelerator pedal time is on tap harder. As hard as the source of capital available and exist in the company. For the person who first became CEO, it's not easy to know how to react when they reach this point.

Startup Owners Hire People They Know, Not Competent People

Many startup companies are small businesses. Can be understood if the owner chose people with family closeness. And he does this by hiring people referenced to him by close friends, relatives, or other family members.

For most people, the reason behind this is because they want people who can be trusted, people who do not steal from the company. Unfortunately, this decision ended in error. As a startup, you must hire highly competent people. Otherwise, they will tear down your business without the need to steal from you.

Problem With Products

Another cause of startup company failure is because it fails to develop products that meet market needs. This can be due to simple execution or because of a strategy problem that has no match between the product and the market.

Often the first product that startup brings to the market does not meet the needs of the market. It takes several revisions to make the product fit the market. In severe cases, the product may actually fail. When this happens, it becomes a clear indication that the working team does not validate their idea with customers before and during the product development process.


Some entrepreneurs often complain about the lack of network and investor connections in industries that can support them. In addition to failing to find new people who can bring their startup to success, they also fail to recognize their own network. Startup companies need a network with good connections through existing networking, which is very easy to build.

Another good way to build connections online is to work with PR and SEO agencies. They already have relations with media, newspapers, and some top-level blogs that can speak about your startup company.


Starting a startup is not just about focusing on one's business. When startup wants to stay in the future, they need to avoid distraction but do not forget the competition they have.

Most startup companies today feel that their idea is best that will guide them toward success when the product is launched to the consumer. But it is not so.

Startups are formed from time to time and the idea can be similar. Analyzing established markets, competitions, and businesses will help generate different strategies in different areas to win the market.

Ignoring Prospective Customers

It's always hard for a startup company to decide to either improve the product or let the market test it first. Talking to customers about product upgrading ideas can be a good thing, but this triggers startup with almost no profit at all.

The foundation of startup success is based on market validation and if you fail with a good product, your startup will fail. The best possible way to make sure all goes well is by measuring, tracking, validating, and optimizing the data you receive from customers or clients.


The idea of being the backbone behind the startup and extensive analysis of market needs to be done before starting a business. Entrepreneurs need to understand that starting a company, marketing, and spending a lot of money may not always end with success. Diving into a business without previously analyzing a target market prospect is not a good idea.

The consumer market today varies greatly. Demands and needs change rapidly, and successful startup now works with vision without neglecting current and future market realities. Future analysis is required when implementing ideas for a startup.


Location can be a problem on some sites for startup companies. The important thing, adjust your startup concept and location. Locations also play a role in failure for remote teams. When your team is working remotely, make sure you find an effective communication method, because the lack of teamwork and planning can lead to failure.

Removing The Product At The Inappropriate Time

When you release the product too early, the user thinks it is useless and getting them back can be difficult if the first impression they have about you is negative. And when you release a late product, you lose the window of opportunity on the market.

Being Flexible and Not Actively Searching Or Using Feedback From Customers

Ignoring customers is the cause of failure. Not collecting feedback from customers is a fatal mistake for most startups. Do not wait more than 3 months to get feedback from a very objective prospect.

Similarly, do not spend enough time talking to customers and releasing features that you think are great, but you do not collect enough input from clients. You are easily trapped by thinking your stuff is good. You must pay attention to customers and adapt to their needs.

Poor Marketing

Knowing the target audience and knowing how to get their attention and turning them into leads and ultimately becoming a customer is the most important skill of a successful business. Read more of our articles on improving leads and sales.

Know the Characteristics of a Successful Startup Company

Now let's move on to a successful startup character, what are they?

Getting Started With A Small Market

When talking about successful startup companies, many comments on the importance of having a large market. It is true that startup should slowly reach a large market to become a big company. But initially, it is actually best to start with a small market. Start from a small market and then develop the market into a concentric circle.

The biggest mistake you make as a young entrepreneur is getting into a big market. This indicates you have not found the right category. And you will be dealing with too much competition.


Still related to starting in a small market, another characteristic of a successful startup is the focus. When starting a company from scratch, especially with a very small team, you are easily tempted to take on too many projects, this can kill your startup.

Providing an Awesome User Experience

By definition, startup means a new company. They can not rely on brand loyalty built over the years as competitors can do.

This is one reason why providing useful and easy-to-use products is critical to long-term business success.

Positive Culture

If you want to be a winner, you need to adopt a positive corporate culture. Successful startups should be able to provide a positive environment at all levels of their organization.


Poor communication can destroy a new business. Poor communication raises the tension of the relationship between the clerk and between you and the customer. A successful startup can overcome communication barriers.

Hiring the Right Employees and Appreciating Them

Winners know how to find, choose, hire, train, motivate, reward, and retain good employees. They avoid workers who do not contribute. They raise the level of employees who do their best for the team.

They also know how to make employees happy and productive. Renowned business builders carefully supervise employees like shepherds in herds of cattle. They are kind, respectful, motivating, and very supportive. This unique nature so one strong character of entrepreneurs who deserve to win.


Getting into the business world requires strategy and planning. Successful businesses are organized using systems with constant short-term goals evaluated. With such systems, businesses and business owners can identify and achieve success. Strategic planning becomes an important element of every business design.


Running a startup is not an easy matter. Few people are ready for the journey ahead. A successful startup can overcome many obstacles. Most importantly, never lose your vision or passion.

Customer service

The value of customer service can not be underestimated. Many successful startups can gain attraction because of excellent customer service. When your customers feel appreciated, they will come back again and become repeat customers. Exceptional customer service is hard to imitate, which is an effective tool to win the competition. Find out more about improving customer service.

While there are elements of luck involved in successful startup stories, there are many success factors for a startup. They have products that meet their needs, they do not ignore anything, they grow quickly, and manage to overcome the competition. When you have these characteristics, you are preparing to succeed.
A startup may fail just because their team can not win the project properly. Probably due to lack of skill, or maybe experience. In some cases when a business does this, it is not the end of the world. They may be able to switch from their team to get the right person for the job. But if they do not have the capital to hire the right team, then it is most likely destined to fail. That's 9 Reasons Why Most Beginners Businesses Fail that might be learning for you.